söndag 29 september 2013

Mouldy green socks

I really don't know if I'm supposed to be happy or sad right now. On one hand I have a pair of really nice new sock, on the other hand my stash of Klazien's Kreaties Arwetta yarn is finally up. And is no more, unless they against all odds decide to start making more again. It was wonderful, and we loved each other dearly, that yarn and I.

Oh well, everything has it's end and so on. And I still have the socks.
The socks, yes. They are originally Blackrose socks from Knitty . The yarn, you already know that one, and I should stop yammering about it. I liked the pattern, but made 10 repeats in the shaft instead of the original 8, because I tend to like my socks a bit longer. The only thing I didn't care for was the toe grafting, I don't get along with that. After having tried that in a couple of socks now I kinda decided to not do it again... My socks, my toes.
Now I have to spend a couple of hours picking out the perfect knitting, because I'm going to get a cup of coffee of what we call a Swedish "fika" with another knitting blogger! I'm really excited, and it's going to be so much fun.

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