lördag 10 maj 2014

Unfaithfulness and self reflection

Ghosts of projects past.

I really thought living in a temporary home would make me very faithful to my WIPs. In hindsight, I guess I should have known better. Can't teach an old dog to sit and all that jazz. I finished the projects I brought- well done so far good girl have a biscuit. Then I kinda started slipping... I bought the lace yarn and thought that I would be content with that and also I was gifted some sock yarn(and bought some additional yarn, but that doesn't count) but I find myself spending LOTS of time on Ravelry dreaming away, scanning through blogs and thinking that I wanna do all those stuff right now and surfing of yarn store web pages almost feeling the yarn in my (longing) hands.
I just have to face it. I'm an unfaithful, poly-knitter. I just cant keep myself to a single project at a time- I'm not wired that way. I just have to accept it.

Right now I want to make another vintage sweater. Maybe in light blue.

fredag 9 maj 2014

Because I'm worth it

A color who just wont be caught on film. Pretty much like the Bigfoot.

I bought some yarn. Just because I felt like it. Oh yeah....
Squishy, soft, pretty Malabrigo Lace in the colors Tortuga (which is SO awesome, I fell in love instantly) and Black. It's going to be a Cladonia although I'm not too sure if it's the best pattern my colors since they aren't very contrasting to one another. For that reason I skipped the stripey part and decided to make the main part in Tortuga ans the lace part in Black. With these colors it CAN'T be ugly, right?
Also, I got the wrong needle, but the need has no law as we say in Sweden.

måndag 5 maj 2014

One sock, one love

Yay! The first of my Pomatomus socks! It's awesome! For some reason I cant get the hang of the spelling or pronunciation of the word "Pomatomus", I seem to spell or say it different ways every time. Pomotomus, Pomatumus, Poumatomus, Pomotomos, yadda yadda...
As a dedicated knitter with brand new yarn in her hands, I started a new pair of socks right away. They will be a bit made up as I go along, and the pattern will mainly be based on a pair of wristwarmers I did years back called X-knit halvmittens . They will be very thick and warm...
Great heal!

fredag 2 maj 2014

Temporary home and temporary knitting

Ear warmer cat in our temp home.

Yeah, so for different reasons I had to make a very fast change of location. I now live in a spare room with a couple of my (ever so supporting!) friends. Amelia is with me, and tries to get along with the resident cat who is very suspicios. Good thing about bribes though, everything seems to be alright with a little foody bribery. Wiskey is currently living with a friend in another city, I really hope they get along, but they probably do.
The Grace is done! Except for the fastening of threads and adding of buttons, which will have to wait.

I had to pack almost all of my yarn and wont be able to touch it for about a month. I only got the Grace cardigan and one of the Pomotomus socks with me- the yarn for sock no 2 is unfortunately in there somewhere. Oh, poor me. No yarn. So I had to buy some. You see the reason in that, right? A girl simply must knit!

A Pomotomus sock in the making!
We are ok, though, and it's for a short while. The good things out of this is that I really realized what amazing friends I have, and how supportive they are. I would never have imagined beforehand. And I get to buy yarn, there is that!

Oh, and thanks for all the support! <3 br="">