tisdag 1 oktober 2013

The Curse of the 2,5 mm Needles

Not the Hulk. Just cursed.

I must have accidentally waltzed into a ancient tomb or something like that and got a curse cast on me, because I just keep on breaking or/and loosing all my 2,5mm wooden needles!
I had a set that got broken on a gaming night session because someone thought they were a couple of wooden barbeque skewers and broke them into tiny pieces when I wasn't looking. Then I sat on the new set and broke one needle and when I got a new set just a couple of weeks back I really thought this was the end of it.  Was I wrong, or was I wrong? I have already misplaced one, and another one is broken. I don't know how and can't even find the piece that's broken loose.
Any knitting hoodo priests/esses out there that can help me lift this really annoying curse? I'll pay in knitted goods and love. Srsly. 

2 kommentarer:

  1. Oh, no. That sure sounds like you need a break from that. Next time it rains we will do a dance and lift it off! Two knitters better than one right? HUG!

  2. hahaha, bbq sticks... yoo have to teach your friends about basic knitting behaviour.