fredag 28 februari 2014


And it's not even blocked yet!

I really love structures in textile. When you knit in a different yarn then originally suggested some subtle things might change in the outcome that is not always so easily to see coming when you cast on. Some yarns are just not made for some patterns, or the other way around. It just makes me so happy when I have made some inches and realizes that the pattern and the yarn fits perfectly together, it's magic.
The zig zag vintage cardigan I'm currently working on is like that. The BC Shetlanduld (Shetland wool) just works perfectly for the pattern, and the 3D effect of it is really cool. I can't wait to see it finished, but it will be a while since I have the daunting task of knitting the sleeves left. (I really don't like sleeves, they are so boring.)

Another structure that makes me happy, from a project long ago.
I have this book, one of those really big heavy ones with lots of pictures, that I love mainly because it's focused on structures of knits. I think it's more into machine then hand knitting, but it doesn't matter, it's inspirational anyway. The technicalities are the same, and it's nothing you wouldn't be able to do by hand.  If you are interested it's called The art of Knitting and written by Francois Tellier-Loumange. 

måndag 24 februari 2014

A quickie cowl

I felt like doing something other then my wips, and have hade this skein in my stash for a while without knowing what to do with it. It turned out to be a rather nice cowl, in a pattern from Mary Thomas's Book of Knitting Patterns. Awesome book, the one with the mummy picture I got from the bf for my birthday. The pattern was really easy and perfect for my cranky mood of the day.
The yarn is really awesome; Noros Kirara. It contains wool, cotton, silk and angora which make a really soft blend. It would have made an neat babycardigan, but I only had one skein and nothing to match it with so I had to skip that idea. This is way too much color for my tastes, but I really enjoyed knitting with it.

lördag 22 februari 2014

Hairy scary and rather impressive

Lots of hair, just waiting to become a coat. Or a hat.

Found THIS Chinese lady who is knitting a coat from her own hair. Well, that's something to do with your retirement. And your hair. I have tons of hair, maybe this is something for me? Rather environment- friendly too, come to think of it.

torsdag 20 februari 2014

Leftover baby cardigans that got wedge in between the Big projects

Leftover 2-ply wool yarns tend to expand in numbers in my home. Maybe they breed....
However I decided to get rid of some of them, in between lots of BIG projects, to make room for more yarn or at least being able to close the lids on the boxes. These two have so far come to life, but there is for some reason still lots of bobs and ends left, so there will probably be more.

They are knit top down, from no particular pattern. I'm not even sure if they fit an actual live baby because I haven't tried, but they looks like they will. Babies are stretchy, right?

tisdag 18 februari 2014

Long time no see, and a Thistle Vintage Cardigan!

Eum, yeah. It took a while between posts. Exams, papers and general tons of stuff to do, I'm sure you know how it is.
But I have been knitting too! Most importantly, the Thistle Vintage Cardigan is done. It's awesome, really came out great.
It was really lovely spring weather, and the lipstick matched the cardigan perfectly.

2-ply wool that doesn't bleed when wet (I have tested it.) but needs to be handwashed, fits a person with aprox 85-87cm bust. The pattern is from 1947, and I haven't changed anything. Why am I telling you this? Because I'm selling it. I want 215 USD or 1500 sek for it. Interested? Send an email to
The sleeve caps are very puffy!

I have started a new vintage project, because this is so much fun and I can't stop. This time it's a green zig-zag cardigan, for which I already have perfect buttons. This baby is also from 1947, which seems to be a really good cardigan year. I have lots of other patterns from that year, and almost everyone are adorable. Like a good vintage wine, maybe years are important to cardigans as well.