fredag 13 september 2013

My old Nemesis and other amazing creations

Gaultier. So much lace! Everywhere!

When I was a small kid I was a bit scared of Madonna. Not Madonna the person, I was too young to grasp the concept of that person in the pictures being a real person of blood and bones I think. It was mostly those pictures with her in that bustier with those pointy boobs. For some reason that scared me a lot, or at least made me a LOT suspicious.
I mean, come on, those pointy boobs- she could have anything in there, bombs or I don't know...

This is it! The Gaultier bustier for Madonna. My old Nemesis... We meet at last....
Then I grew up and started to get very interested in a lot of things among other clothes and identity-issues. And the name Jean Paul Gaultier popped up. And I kinda liked his work (like- he is not dead yet, and still going strong), and realized that he actually was the person behind my old Nemesis, The Bustier with the Pointy Boobs.
I don't know where I am going with this, it's rather late and it's been an intense week, so my head is spinning with things. Still love the work of Gaultier, though. Could talk forever about all the aspects of his artistery but this is hardly the place. Or forever about the link between clothes and identity, but the same goes for that area.

I think I'll just tell you a little about the exhibition. It's a travelling one, and it will stay in Stockholm for a few days more, until the 22/9. Then apparently it will go to New York (lucky yankees!) so if you are currently at that side of the Atlantic you will have a chance to see it there.
It's main focus is for the craft in the Haute Couture garments, the amazing craftmanship it takes to create something like that and the very wide array of different professionals that have been working of the clothes. Somethimes the hours it took for a garment to get made was printed out, and at first sight you got overwhelmed with the enormous amount of hours it would be. Then you started thinking. And calculating. And realized that they must have worked really really fast and intense.
Gaultier. Corset dress in hay! So amazingly done.
For example. Look at this leopard. It's not a real one, it's made of tiny tiny beads. One person made it. Think about it. And I mean, this is NOT things you are allowed to take a year or two to finish, no UFO:s here, no sir....
Gaultier. Kittie, kittie, kittie....
In other news, there's a new issue of Knitty up, if anyone's missed it. Some neat things, I wanna knit a beermitt!

Oh, and I took all the pictures, but Jean Paul Gaultier is the owner of all the creations in the pictures. Just so we're clear.

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