onsdag 27 november 2013

Argyle Friend Mittens

To my amazement, I finished another project yesterday. Good thing, they are made for a friend who does a huge favor for me as a way of saying Thank You.
They are all i recycled yarn, leftovers from other projects and made up from the pattern of scratch or the wrinkly parts of my brain or something like that. Stranded knitting is so much fun!
I almost thought for a moment that I didn't have any projects left, but when I started to look around in my small room, I realized that was NOT the case... Bugger, I really wanted to start another one just for fun.

måndag 25 november 2013

Caramelized Burtonesque

Another cardi done! I'm in a flow! This one is a blanket style cardigan called Caramel knitted in Drops Loves you 3. It's a really easy knit, but a bit on the boring side. You have to be prepared to knit endless rows of stockinette. The only thing that really happened was the stripes, so if you don't have the patience of a world-record holder I kinda suggest that you make it stripey.
But hey, it's you cardi...

It's really easy though, so it's a good one for newbees. 
The back tends to be rather large, too. So if you are like me and have a narrow back, be warned. I have not decided yet what I think of the backside, but I really like the colors and it's cozyness so I will keep it.

lördag 23 november 2013

A discussion

Two darlings in one picture.

-Now that we are a couple, will you start knitting a lot of things for me?
-(Evil grin) Oh yes! A whole bunch of huge sweaters with bears and mooses and stuff. And I'll be really really sad if you don't wear them like always. Maybe I'll cry...
-(Looks increasingly worried) ....ok?...really?
-Haha, hell no. Just kidding. Maybe I'll knit you a pair of socks if you ask really nicely but that's it.
-(Looks very relived) Oh, good... Have you ever knitted anything for a partner?
-I made a hat once, because I was asked. I don't do the whole boyfriend/girlfriend/whatever sweater things. It's cursed, anyway.

Then on the other hand, I have always wanted to make a Gregor for someone....

torsdag 21 november 2013

The 1930ies cardigan- at last!

Not the right attires for the 1930ies, but anyways.

It's all done! Well, except a big button on the front flaps, but the receiver will have to sew one on, I simply don't have any of the right sort. Actually it's going to come to use at Skansen....  The story behind this is that I started to make one while I had my apprenticeship there last spring, but I never had time to finish it. So I brought it with me, and after a looong time, finally had time to finish it.
It fits so nicely I am a bit tempted to make one for myself, something I never thought when I started it. But so many patterns, so little time and the amount of vintage patterns I am tempted to try is starting to reach a HUGE amount so we'll see about that.

tisdag 19 november 2013

The solution of the yarny leftovers

I have finally found the perfect solution for all my leftovers in sock yarn qualities. I found this blanket pattern jumping around of Ravelry, and realized it's exactly what I wanted. This is a project that cam go on forever, for all I care. My genious plan is to make lots and lots of these tiny squares, and when I decide it to be enough I just fix them together and Voilà- a blanket. And I wont have to sort through tons of leftovers whem I'm looking for something in my yarn boxes.
Perfect plan, wouldn't you say?

söndag 17 november 2013

Vintage Thistle Cardigan

Knitting vintage patterns were so much fun I just couldn't contain myself. After a long period of having to choose what I would knit, I fell for this cardigan from 1947 with thistles on it. The red yarn on a cone that I found in a thrift store a couple of weeks back were perfect and I added white yarn is a similar quality from Rauma, called Finullsgarn.
I have to say that so far, things are moving on much quicker then I feared they would even though the needles are really tiny (2 mm) and I have to knit from the wrong side half of the time. I guess the real neverendingstoryness will come with the sleeves, but that's a later problem.
This is fun! I see myself knit lots and lots of vintage patterns in the future. 

Oh, and if you speak swedish and want to win some really neat prices, you should go to Hedvig Handarbetar and join the lottery.
I forgot the dashhound pic! Fixed it...

lördag 9 november 2013

The one sleved woman

I have a sleeve! One! Now there's the matter of the other one. I realize I will love this cardi, but it's so incredibly boring I will never make another one....
The thought have occurred, that if I cut off my left arm, I wouldn't have to make a left sleeve.... On the other hand (hahaa) I wouldn't be able to knit. Decisions, decisions.

torsdag 7 november 2013

Little Owl

Aaaaaand done! This was a quick one. It didn't use all the yarn as I had hoped, so I have some scraps left. The owl pattern was really great, I kinda want to knit more things with owl on them. It was a bit bubbly at first, but came out really great after blocking. I put a few pins in the owl itself when I blocked, to regulate the tension in it. The sweater pattern was ok, I kinda think they made the instructions more difficult then they could have, but it wasn't hard.
Since I also have (finally!) finished the 30eis cardigan, I have actually allowed myself to start something new..... Against better knowing, perhaps, but a lady does need her fixes sometime. I haven't decided what yet, so I'll get back to you about that.

tisdag 5 november 2013


Picture borrowed from AllOut.

So, there's the Olympic games in Russia soon... This is a video that really should be spread around the world. Use the hashtag #lovealwayswins , and we might just at least make a stand against a hateful government, and a "see not, hear not, speak not" policy that seems to be the general one in the Olympic Commitee.  

söndag 3 november 2013

Night Owl and things that eat time

This baby owl needs a good blocking.

Yeah... I haven't been too busy here for a good while. My studying currently takes way more time than I have, I don't even have enough time to knit for the moment so there has really been nothing to write about and no time to do it in.
Oh, well. It's a limited period my life will be like this, and I keep my nose above the water line and paddle on. Also, it's really fun so I'm not really complaining although if someone invented a way to get more hours a day I'll be first in line to get some.
One thing I managed to wedge in between reading and writing and going to seminars was the start of a baby cardigan. No- I'm not pregnant. I just had three balls of Drops Karisma and couldn't figure out what to do with them. Until I found the Matelot sweater in a magazine I had lying around, and combined it with the UuuuHu! owl . It's a easy knit, it will be a good use of the three balls of yarn I had, and the owl was so incredibly cute... Sooner or later there will turn up a kid for this sweater, and then I am ready!