söndag 1 september 2013

Red and white (and music!)

 So I made some mitts. And then I made another pair just for the sake of it, you know how it is. I fell for this wonderful yard by Debbie Bliss called Andes, witch is soft as clouds (or at least what I expect clouds to feel like) and comes in a really fiery red and a soft white(among other colors). I just had to make some mitts. As it happens, one skein is just enough for a pair if you don't want then too long.
I made up the pattern myself and have it written down somewhere, it's a sort of star stitch border in the middle but nothing more complicated than that. If someone really want if, tell me and I publish it, but otherwise I think there are so many patterns out there already.
See how I am pretending to put it on while gazing out in the distance? Very artsy...

This is a very beautiful play with fabrics, and a very beautiful piece of music. I really love the mix of the two elements, and of course the fact that the photography is great doesn't hurt. The Frogman labeled me a great nerd when the first thing I noticed about it was the amazing way they had used different textures in the video. Well, duuuh.....

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