onsdag 12 mars 2014

Zig Zag vintage Cardigan and the importance of a good photographer

No garden gnomes was hurt during the taking of these pics. It already was melted.

OOOOhhh! It's done! I feel like jumping up and down and running around in circles, that is how excited I am over this one. It turned out sooo pretty! The yarn had to have a good soak in water and conditioner to stop being itchy, but now it's really nice.
The bust is a little too big for me, it would fit some one with aprox 90-100 cm. Again, if anyone wants to buy this piece, send me a email at knitting.ozelote@gmail.com
I really should get an Etzy account if I go on like this.

These really great pictures was taken by my close friend who after this NEVER will get rid of me, and who has been appointed royal photographer. I hope he has lots of patience, but we have known each other a long time... Good pictures makes all the difference in the world. Remember me bitching about the color of this cardigan in my last post, and how hard it was to get a proper picture of it? Well, this is spot on.
Yeah, my neck is shaven.

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