lördag 15 mars 2014

The magic of mixing yarns

I have had these yarns in my stash for a rather long time. One (the mohair, ONlinie 253 Hommage color) comes from a awesome LYS called Kecathu and the other one (laceyarn, wool, no label) comes from a swap at a knitting café. Some time ago I happened to place them next to each other and magic happened. Since then I have been looking for a great pattern for this magic and found it in Ginko Shoulderette Shawl . The Ginko Shawl does also exist as a cresent shape, if you are not too keen on the triangular. Search for Ginko Cresent, and you will find it.
Recipe for magic.

There has been some outdoors knitting going on with this project, since the spring and warmth is beginning to show it's face. Only today when I woke up, the world was white again. The cat that likes to be outdoors gave me a not too pleased look of disbelief when I let him out. I could only be so sympathetic and offer a warm spot when he was done outside.
Some days ago. Glorious, glorious sun.

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