torsdag 20 mars 2014

Gecko Green Ginko

To be quite honest I have no idea of the color of a Gecko lizard. Some kind of green, hardly this viivd bright one, but it made a fun headline.
The Ginko Shoulderette Shawl is done, and it's a bright reminder of the teaser spring we had/have that after some promising alluringly sunny days turned back into snowy winter. I know this kind of weather is expected in this place of the world, but nevertheless it's a bit of a disappointment.

Something that is NOT a disappointment is this knitting. Great pattern with good instructions for how to make it bigger (or smaller) and an interesting double sided lace part that came out as pretty ginko leaves. I think mine didn't become as clear as they could be, if you want your ginko leaves to really stand out I would recommend a hard spun sock yarn, not mohair.
No matter, I think it's really pretty the way it is.
An intruder/attentionseeker in a cone again.
My one is bit bigger then the original, I knitted stockinette until row 107 when I started the lace part. It came out as a good sized shawl, rather then a shoulderette. Not a huge one, but not small either.
I used aprox 1.7 balls of ONlinie 253 Hommage color and an unknown amount of some kind of 2-ply lace yarn I got in a swap way back. The subtle color changes in the mohair yarn made the color of the shawl almost shimmering, the effect really was pretty.
Also, remember to BO really loosely so that you can get the pretty edges.

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