måndag 24 mars 2014

Procrastination, no more.

Good mentors are the best thing. I just got my head sorted out for my spring paper and now I'm on it again after being slightly overwhelmed for a while by the sheer complexity of history. You know, it's not the straight line with little dots at regular intervals you learned in school- reality is way more complicated. Lots of things intersect with each other and morph into new phenomenons and structures. I kinda like it being this way, it feels very human for history to be so complicated and messy, but it's also a bit of a bugger because it makes it so hard to pin things down.

Another tricky thing is the Grace Cardigan. The lace part looks alluringly easy, but what's very easy is how easy it is to make a mistake and not realize it until a couple of rows later. And this is not the kind of cardigan you will be able to just frog a bit and then pick up again, the lace part goes all wonky. It's just frog the whole deal and start over.... I only had to frog it once this time (I have knitted one of these before) and have now passed the fiddly lacepart and just have endless rows of stockinette in front of me.

And I might meet my bf:s parents tonight, for the first time. How scary is that?!

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