fredag 14 mars 2014

Long overdue tweed cardigan

Yeah, it's the same session as the last post. And the same garden gnome.

When I had my birthday I started knitting a cardigan from a Rowan pattern in some Rowan Yarn. I had some reservations about the pattern, Cressida but it was one of those "Looks really good on the picture. In reality? No idea". It all worked out in the end, and I knew what I was getting myself into, sorta. The yarn is Rowans Fine Tweed, by the way, a really lovely yarn.

I have this to say about Rowans patterns. Lots of them are well written, have interesting takes and they have awesome yarns to go with. But then there is the fit. I don't get why they are all so ill fitting?! Specially the sleeves, and it's not like they even are great for people with larger sizes either, because it escalates. Not in a "trendy, oversized, really comfortable" way, more in a "we thought it might be a good idea to give you room to grow double size in case you want to" way. Maybe it's just me, but there it is.
If you want to knit Cressida, be aware that you probably can use a slightly smaller size than your measurements, and add some to the length if you like. It will not be too tight, I promise.

Well, we get along more or less, the cardigan and I. I will add a few cm to the bottom sleeves to make them longer and to keep them together more.
Oh, by the way. A new issue of is out. There is octopus socks. Just saying.

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