måndag 3 mars 2014

Some yarn goes a long way

It was Friday evening and I felt like all I wanted from life for the moment was a new knit and a beer. Luckily, the part of me that seems to think ahead had provided the beer, so all I had to do was to grab some yarn and cast on.
My fingers found almost a whole skein of Rowans Felted Tweed in a color that I think was called Treacle (awesome name) and two balls of two-ply wools in different shades of green. They looked great together and seems to whisper that they wanted to be something with nice buttons on. Who was I to deny then that? These small coconut-imitation buttons has been laying in my button bowl for ages and matched the brown tweed perfectly.

Ok, I said. Another baby cardigan it is (can someone please have like quadruplets soon? The baby cardigans seems to work a bit like Tribbles).

I'm not too sure about the cuffs. I think I might change them to brown if it'll be some of that left.

Sometimes I feel that I knit and knit and knit and never really get to an acceptable level of leftovers. It's not a problem, really. If it was I would just round them up and give them away, but I have this idea that I should make something out of my existing yarn before I can buy more.
A really annoying idea, is what it is.

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