onsdag 19 mars 2014

A bit of Meh and a lot of Wants.

I'm having a period where the only thing I really feel like doing is sitting around, knitting and maybe listening to some music. It's making it really difficult to get something else done, you know- that whole being a responsible grown up- part. The cats are making their part to keep things this way too, Whiskey has once again been out fighting and got his ear bitten and infected, and Amelia is just really clingy and cuddly.
There is really tons of projects I would love to do, another vintage cardigan, the Lantern Festival Cowl or anything by Thea Eschliman . Or the Sherlock lives cardigan in some pretty colors. Yes, I'm kinda hooked on stranded knitting for the moment, I love to see the patterns growing.
The other day I cast on another Grace Cardigan , this one for myself in black Cascade Fingering. I can never have too many black cardigans, I can't see that happening. I need a torch to find anything in my wardrobe, and proud of it!

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