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Xknit- In English!

Xknit halfmittens pattern

You need:
Doublepointed needles size 3mm
Yarn, thin sockyarn, like Zauberball, Fabel, Arwetta or like so. 2 colors, color A, and color B
Markers, 2 psc
Holding needle

Pattern Repeat :
1,2) Color A- K all sts
3) Color B- K1, slip 1 knitwise
4)Color B- P1, slip 1 knitwise
5,6) Color A- Knit all sts
7)Color B- Slip 1 knitwise, K1
8)Color B- Slip 1 knitwise, P1

How to:
CO 50 sts in color A, bind to a circle
K4 rows
P1 r
K4 r
K next row, and at the same time you fold the edge and pick up the stitches through the edge(if you think this seems difficult, you can skip it and just knit 1 row and sew the edge up when you are done instead)

Make 6 pattern repeats.

Left mitten- On a pattern row 1, k12 according to pattern, place marker.
Make 1 sts. K 3. Make 1 sts. Place marker. Knit through the rest of the row according to pattern.

Right mitten- On a pattern row 1, knit according to pattern until you have 15 sts left. Place marker, make 1 sts. Knit 3. Make 1 sts. Place marker and K12.

Continue increasing 2 sts/ row every color A row until you have 23 sts between the markers. Don't make any sts on a color B row, and adjust the pattern to fit the new sts.

When you have 23 sts between the markers, continue the pattern repeat for 3 repeats+ one extra row 1.

Then knit as usual but put the sts between the markers on a holding needle and CO 3 sts in the space between.
Continue 3 repeats or to the length you want it to be.

K 6 rows color A
P 1 row color A
K 4 rows color A

Pick up the sts on the holding needle for the thumb.
(All with color A, and is knitted forewards and backwards, not circular)
K 1 row.
P 1 row (ws)
K 1 row
K 1 row (ws)
BO knitwise. Sew the edges against the hole fore the size you wish. Fasten all ends and sew down the upper folded edge.

Note: When writing this I have a heavy set cold and am a bit dizzy, so there might be quite a few spelling mistakes... If this is unreadable, for that or other reasons, can you please give me a line about it so I can fix it? tnx...

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