måndag 20 augusti 2012

Hoot again! Now in English!

As promised, translated into English. :)
So here it is. If there is something you don't understand, please tell me and I will change or clarify.

Your gonna need:
4 needles no 2,5 (mm) / 12 (imp) / 2 (us)
Thin yarn. A couple of meters will do. You can use those small balls that are no good for anything else really. Preferably yarn that changes color a bit.
Something for the eyes. I used shirt-buttons, those really small ones.
Moulinéyarns for making the beak. and sewing the eyes on.
A little bit of filling.
A brochneedle, or a safetypin.

Here´s how you do it:
CO 14 sts.
Transfer to 3 needles and bind together. Knit round and round in a circle for about 14 rounds.
When you sew the top shut, make sure to make small "ears".
Fill it upp, nice and fat.
Sew the bottom shut and fasten the needle on the back of the owl.
Make a beak, and fasten the eyes.

There. Now you are done. Maybe make another one?

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