måndag 25 november 2013

Caramelized Burtonesque

Another cardi done! I'm in a flow! This one is a blanket style cardigan called Caramel knitted in Drops Loves you 3. It's a really easy knit, but a bit on the boring side. You have to be prepared to knit endless rows of stockinette. The only thing that really happened was the stripes, so if you don't have the patience of a world-record holder I kinda suggest that you make it stripey.
But hey, it's you cardi...

It's really easy though, so it's a good one for newbees. 
The back tends to be rather large, too. So if you are like me and have a narrow back, be warned. I have not decided yet what I think of the backside, but I really like the colors and it's cozyness so I will keep it.

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