torsdag 17 april 2014

Your socks are like pools of springs!

And they are done. I will be a good girl after this and keep the recommended gauge. Maybe. The pattern is really pretty though, but I would recommend a yarn for the Spring Pool Socks that defines it a bit more than the rather loosely spun Delight. Really clever heal and gusset as well. When I started I thought it was a bit overly complicated, but it's actually rather brilliant.
For the moment I am so stoked on sock knitting that I want to start another pair right away. Next I will battle the Pomatomus socks .
I also noted that Arga Stickaren posted a new sock pattern, called Crocus . It's only in Swedish
unfortunately, but I will probably knit me a pair, since it seems like a perfect pattern for the leftovers of which you have heard me whining that I have lots of.

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