lördag 12 april 2014

Lantern Festival Cowl

Weeeeeeee! It's finished! And it's sooooo cool! My Lantern Festival Cowl is done, and neatly so. I had to invent some rather creative methods for blocking since this baby wanted to be gently stretched out in the round. I made it easy for myself and rolled a couple of towels together, pulled the cowl over them and then pinned the edges. The blocking was very important for the finish in this one...
I use Sandnes Lanette in dark grey as a base color and Zauberball Crazy in Indisch Rosa as a pattern color. From the first yarn I used aprox 1.9 skeins and the second about half so not very much yarn was acquired. It also means I have even more leftovers for the sock challange....

The pattern was very well written, easy to follow and with a great chart. Do not try this if you haven't knitted a fair bit of stranded knitting before though, you really need to be able to keep a even tension through it all. Stretchy yarns probably help. And some blocking.

It got a great fit too. I usually feel most cowls are too big but this one is really snug and cozy. Too bad winter is over, not that it's too warm for this baby yet but it soon will be....
Some general fooling around is needed.

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  1. Så vackert!!! Älskar massa mönster stickat med tunna stickor.

  2. Tack! :) Ja, det blir superfint.