torsdag 10 april 2014

Challange accepted!

Polly Jean matching my new skirt.

Ok! I give in! I can't take it anymore. I will join Dödergöks sockutmaning too. After taking a good long look at my Polly Jean socks and thinking that I want more neat socks like that, and having a pep talk with Ulliganen and Stick å brinn! I am caving in to the temptation....

My goals: I will knit up the leftovers and not so inspiring sock yarns that I have. And make Pomatomus socks since I have been dreaming about them for so long and even have the yarn aimed for them. And maybe a pair of stranded socks in a cool pattern since my Ravelry favorite list is full of them. And I will maybe try to knit a pair of vintage socks, because it sounds like something I would enjoy.
Yeah. That will be all I challange myself to do. A girl has to live as well.

I went for it straight away and cast on a pair of Spring Pools in black-blue-white Drops Delight. I don't really like the yarn, but I'm sure I will like the socks a lot.

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