torsdag 10 oktober 2013

Things going on

I have a lot going on right now, but everything's seems to be in the middle of the process which is kinda a bugger. I like my projects to spread out a bit, it makes it more variegated to work with them. And frankly, makes better pictures...
The red and black stripey sweater got frogged and immediatley turned into something else, namely a Caramel . For some reason or another, I don't really agree with the name on this sweater. It makes my mouth imagine a caramel that is too big to and has lots and lots of fuss on it, like cat hair and stuff. Don't know why because I really like the cardigan, just not the name on it. On the other hand, it's not up to me to choose either. This is one of those "Can I please knit faster so I can put this on as soon as possible because it's gonna be soooo cozy"- knits. I haven't done much but the cozyness already starts to spread out from it. I'm gonna be stripey for the rest of the winter, folks.

The picture is from tonight's Stitch and Bitch night with Ulliganen . Lot's of things was dealt with, from how to deal with overly cute sweaters to role playing games to why the knitting/crocheting/crafty community in Sweden is so bad at giving/taking/dealing with constructive critique of any sorts. I could go on about this, but if you read swedish and think this is interesting I could recommend you to check up on articles in Kravallslöjd right now on the subject.

Now, I probably should go to bed or something.

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