fredag 28 februari 2014


And it's not even blocked yet!

I really love structures in textile. When you knit in a different yarn then originally suggested some subtle things might change in the outcome that is not always so easily to see coming when you cast on. Some yarns are just not made for some patterns, or the other way around. It just makes me so happy when I have made some inches and realizes that the pattern and the yarn fits perfectly together, it's magic.
The zig zag vintage cardigan I'm currently working on is like that. The BC Shetlanduld (Shetland wool) just works perfectly for the pattern, and the 3D effect of it is really cool. I can't wait to see it finished, but it will be a while since I have the daunting task of knitting the sleeves left. (I really don't like sleeves, they are so boring.)

Another structure that makes me happy, from a project long ago.
I have this book, one of those really big heavy ones with lots of pictures, that I love mainly because it's focused on structures of knits. I think it's more into machine then hand knitting, but it doesn't matter, it's inspirational anyway. The technicalities are the same, and it's nothing you wouldn't be able to do by hand.  If you are interested it's called The art of Knitting and written by Francois Tellier-Loumange. 

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