torsdag 5 december 2013

When it is your birthday...

... you get to start a new project, especially if someone gifted you yarn from amazing Garnkorgen. It was a short sweet period of having just a few projects at once. Since I also managed to start a second (or first really) one a couple of days back since my last bring-along project (you know that one that fits in your handbag and can be brought everywhere) was finished a while back, I'm back in my old habits. And paper-period starts at the Uni. Very good timing...

I am currently amazed at a pattern from the new Knitty and to no surprise it's Princess Franklin Plaid collar . So amazing, it really took me a while to get a grasp of how the heck it was done- my brain just did not compute the surface with the notion that it should be knitted! But I tell you folks, this one is really clever. So simple that everyone can do it, and still looks really difficult.
I have to try this one, sooner or later. 

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