fredag 20 december 2013

Mad hatters and sick cats

So I finally finished that Green Memories hat I have been working on for the whole autumn. For making a really dubious translation from a Swedish way of speech: There has been a lot of trolls in this one...

At first the colours. If you want to make this hat, and I can warmly recommend the pattern, be careful in choosing your colour combo. I used some leftovers and had to frog it at first because there was just a gutter of colours. This is my second attempt and it's better, but there were supposed to be stars there somewhere! I think it's ok, just be careful with how you want your to come out.
Aaand in the final stages when I just wanted to make it finished (and watching Batman at the same time) I made the error of picking the wrong colour at the top. I don't care, and I WONT frog it again. It will just have to be that way.
Maybe I meant for it to happen? Yeah, that's it. I MEANT for it to happen. So there.
The last couple of days I have had a satelite cat at home. Someone bit Whisky right through the ear (bad kitty, why be out and fight when you could be inside and cuddle?) and it got really yucky and infected. He is ok now, but he was not a happy kitty for a while there.
Poor kittie gets the cuddles.
And the usual hillarities happend as he bumped in to things as he tried to move about in his huge satelite. Horrible me, I shouldn't laugh, but it's really hard not to.

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