lördag 10 maj 2014

Unfaithfulness and self reflection

Ghosts of projects past.

I really thought living in a temporary home would make me very faithful to my WIPs. In hindsight, I guess I should have known better. Can't teach an old dog to sit and all that jazz. I finished the projects I brought- well done so far good girl have a biscuit. Then I kinda started slipping... I bought the lace yarn and thought that I would be content with that and also I was gifted some sock yarn(and bought some additional yarn, but that doesn't count) but I find myself spending LOTS of time on Ravelry dreaming away, scanning through blogs and thinking that I wanna do all those stuff right now and surfing of yarn store web pages almost feeling the yarn in my (longing) hands.
I just have to face it. I'm an unfaithful, poly-knitter. I just cant keep myself to a single project at a time- I'm not wired that way. I just have to accept it.

Right now I want to make another vintage sweater. Maybe in light blue.

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