tisdag 28 februari 2012

Zombie Bunny Nuggets eats vegetarian brains!!

Message will follow in english:

We have recived information that the dangerous Zombie Bunny Nugget is loose in the area. Alla vegans, vegetarians and coutch potatoes are adviced to stay indoors at all times with locked doors and windows. All vegetable shops will be required to close until further notice and specially trained military will be put in and the population is advised not to pick up any carrots lying around on the ground as they probably will be bait to lure the Zombie Bunny Nuggets.

These pictures were taken by an unfortunate salad farmer, and shows the nature of a Zombie Bunny Nugget. They are NOT to be mistaken for the common, cuddly, cookie-loving Bunny Nugget, although they seem to come from the same pattern.  

Message finished.

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